What’s it like going from playing a hero to a villain? They’re both equally fun. The best part is discovering the qualities of a bad guy that don’t make him much different than a hero – that make him just like any of us. - Pedro Pascal [x]


Coldplay — X&Y era

“I just wanted to see my people smile.”

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This sad Brazilian fan was shown crying. But no one’s published this beautiful picture of him handing the trophy to a German fan. He was quoted as saying "Take it to the final! As you can see, it is not easy, but you deserve it, congratulations" (Roughly translated)


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Wes Anderson and Bill Murray with the set of Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)


They don’t really touch. Women don’t shake hands with men. So the first time Darcy touches Elizabeth is when he helps her into the carriage. Which is a really beautiful moment because it’s the first skin on skin touch. I think today, we don’t think twice about that at all. I shake people’s hands, I give them a kiss, whatever. It’s interesting to think, if you don’t have that tactile nature, how important one touch can be. - Keira Knightley